Over The Counter Remedies

Want to create your own high-quality copy?

But, maybe you don’t have time or you’re not sure where to start?

There’s a cure for that.


Done By You Services

AI is limited by itself. But AI, combined with years of copywriting experience, is a powerful tool. I’ve built these tools to help you generate high-quality content without having to become an AI and copywriting expert. Each tool mimics my process for content creation, so you get far higher-quality results than typing a generic prompt into an AI tool.

The Socials Cure

Blog Writing

Regularly creating high-quality social posts is essential to build your brand’s awareness. But it takes time and skill to do it yourself. And it’s time you could spend doing what your customers want you to do. 

The Socials Cure is the remedy you need! I’ve reverse-engineered my process for writing social posts and built them into this AI tool. So, all you have to do is enter your website URL, provide a focus for each week, and let the magic happen—a month’s worth of social posts are done in a few minutes.

Perfect for platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook that like a bit of text!

In a couple of minutes, you’ll get:

  • A company overview  – useful to check your messaging is on-point
  • Detailed analysis of your target audience – their pains and problems
  • Tone of voice analysis and recommendations
  • A month’s worth of social posts using all the above information to target your audience and showcase your solution to their problems, using your tone of voice.

The Marketing Cure (Coming Soon)

Blog Writing

Create a full marketing plan for yourself (or your clients if you’re a marketing agency). Simply enter a website URL and let my AI-powered process do all the heavy lifting.

When it’s finished, you’ll have:

  • A company overview including core services/products
  • Detailed analysis of the target audience – the dream buyer and their problems and pains
  • Tone of voice analysis and recommendations
  • Core content pillars so you know where to focus your content
  • A full marketing plan, giving you the overarching strategy and detailed tactics to use
  • A list of suggested blog titles for SEO
  • A set of social posts using the  content pillars and pre-built copywriting frameworks

Need some help with your content?