About Me

I’m a freelance copywriter and content marketer, based in Lancashire.

Who am I?

Hello, I’m Richard Webster.

You can call me Rick. Actually, don’t call me Rick. It makes me think of some flashy low-life in a white suit in Miami Vice. Go for Richard, Rich, or Webby instead. Either way, I’m the Director and Chief Copywriter of The Copy Surgery.

The Copy Surgery is the culmination of my experience and love of writing copy. My goal is to help small businesses sell more by helping them create high-quality sales content such as blogs and social media posts that will generate leads.

Whether it’s copy for your website, or content to build an audience, The Copy Surgery will get you noticed online!

Richard Profile Picture

I once tried writing on a beach. It’s not as glamourous as it looks. Between the sand, suncream, and sweat, it really wasn’t worth the effort of trying to look like I had a cool job.

My Skills

Having worked in manufacturing for fifteen years, then recruitment for another eight, I’ve learned a thing or two about business. Even though I’ve been an engineer and a recruiter, I’ve always been a writer. But, all that experience in business is invaluable in understanding what other companies do, and how people think.

And that’s the most critical skill for a copywriter – empathy. I can put myself in your reader’s position, work out their problems, then explain how your company solves them.

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