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Your Premier Prescription for Compelling Copy and Content.

Who am I?

Welcome to The Copy Surgery

Hello there! I’m Richard Webster, your lead surgeon here at The Copy Surgery. Much like a regular doctor’s office, I diagnose your content ailments and prescribe the perfect remedy—but I promise, it’s far from clinical and involves fewer latex gloves.

From engineering machinery to engineering clear, compelling copy, my career path wasn’t straightforward, but it was led by a constant—my interest in language and its impact. This fuels my dedication to turning my clients’ content into engaging, persuasive, and sales-driving communications.

Connect with Me

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The Copy Surgery Story

It all started with a vision to bring life back to underperforming content across the digital landscape. The Copy Surgery was founded out of a necessity seen in many small businesses—great visions muted by inadequate expressions. My mission is simple: to resuscitate the voice of small businesses, helping them connect with their audience.

Why My Copy Surgery?

What sets The Copy Surgery apart isn’t just the quality of content but how I mould it with a deep understanding of your business and your audience. My expertise spans multiple sectors, delivering tailored strategies that reflect your brand’s identity and speak directly to your potential customers, fostering a lasting connection.

Your Content Care Team

While I’m at the forefront, The Copy Surgery comprises a network of seasoned professionals, including marketing strategists, visual branding experts, and website designers. We collectively deliver expertise and niche knowledge for each project we undertake.

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