Effective copy makes a link with the reader. It speaks directly to their wants or needs and influences them to take an action.

Wherever you want to take the reader, great copy will help them get there.

Copywriting Services

Website Copy

Website Copy

Just because it’s your website, it doesn’t have to all be about you.

I put the reader at the heart of your website and write it for them.

Working with an end client or through a marketing or website design agency, I’ll create the copy for your new website from scratch. Or, if your website is established but in need of an update, I’ll rewrite it to make it sparkle again.

Sales Emails

Sales Email

Are your sales emails all starting with the dreaded phrase, I hope you’re well?

Guess what? Your prospects are reading that sentence too many times a day to care how well they are anymore.

I’ll write creative, engaging copy for a one-off sales email or a whole suite of emails for a sequenced marketing campaign.

"Richard worked with me on our website content. His insight, experience and advice were invaluable and the end result was fantastic and exactly what I was looking for. Richard was able to take what I wanted to say and convert it into a simple and concise format without diminishing its value and effect. Richard and The Copy Surgery will be my go-to for assistance with all future content and promotional related work. I can't recommend his services highly enough".

Scott Chapman – MD

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